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 Jom belajar English.. Kita belajar mengenai negara okay.

Diplomat - A person who tells you to
go to hell in such a way that you
actually look forward to the trip.

Optimist - A person who starts taking
a bath if he accidentally falls into a

Pessimist - A person who says that O
is the last letter in ZERO, instead of
the first letter in word OPPORTUNITY.

Miser - A person who lives poor so
that he can die rich.

Father - A banker provided by nature.

Criminal - A guy no different from the
rest...except that he got caught.

Boss - Someone who is early when you
are late and late when you are early.

Politician - One who shakes your hand
before elections and your confidence

Doctor - A person who kills your ills
by pills, and kills you with his

Committee - Individuals who can do
nothing individually and sit to decide
that nothing can be done together.

Classic - A book which people praise,
but do not read.

Marriage - It's an agreement in which
a man loses his bachelor degree and
woman gains her master degree.

Worry - Interest paid on trouble
before it falls due.

Experience - The name men give to
their mistakes.

Tears - The hydraulic force by which
masculine power is defeated by
feminine power.

Atom Bomb - An invention to end all

Philosopher - A fool who torments
himself during life, to be spoken of
when dead.

Smile - A curve that can set a lot of
things straight.

Rumor - News that travels faster than
the speed of sound.

Dictionary - The only place where
divorce comes before marriage.

College - A place where some pursue
learning and others learn pursuing.

Ecstasy - A feeling when you feel you
are going to feel a feeling you have
never felt before.

Office - A place where you can relax
after your strenuous homelife.

Yawn - The only time some married men
ever get to open their mouth.

Ryan P

Terima sudi baca entri ni. Sayang korang.
Anything can happen, that why life is wonderful. Struggle to get what u aim but be sure don't hurt any one. No one you shouldn't hurt their feels!

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