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Malaysia Budget 2012

Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was announchedthe nation’s budget spending plan for 2012 on 4pm last Friday, 7 October 2011.

The following are the areas where the Malaysian government intends to spend on for national growth and development:
  1. Felda GVH will be listed on Bursa Malaysia by mid-2012 for the company to become a global conglomerate. Felda settlers will benefit from the financial liberation. Felda settlers are expected to receive a windfall, and the amount will be announced before listing
  2. Hybrid and electric cars will continue to enjoy import duty and excise exemption until 2013.
  3. RM978 million will be spent to encourage growth in five regional sectors.
  4. Properties purchased and then sold after 5 years will not be subjected to real property gains tax (
  5. Residential property price limit for first-time buyers earning less than RM3,000 per month is raised from RM220,000 to RM400,000.
  6. PR1MA will be the sole agency to develop affordable quality housing for the middle-income group.
  7. Government will identify areas around MRT, LRT and other public transport systems that will be have housing projects developed by PR1MA.
  8. Government pensioners will receive an additional 0.5 month salary bonus subject to a minimum of RM500 and assistance sum of RM500, both of which will commence in December 2011.
  9. Civil servants’ compulsory retirement age will be raised from 58 years old to 60.

  10. Last year our FDI growth was the strongest in Asia and in the first 6 months of this year have already reached RM21.2bil
  11. In 2012, private investment is forecast to climb 15.9%, supported by foreign and domestic investment
  12. GDP in the first 6 months of 2011 was 4.4%, driven by strong domestic consumption
  13. In 2011, the economy is forecast to grow by 5-5.5%
  14. Private and public investment are forecast to increase by 15.9% and 7%, supported by foreign investment, the ETP and 10MP
  15. In 2012, the service sector is expected to grow 6.5%, the construction sector 7% and GDP is forecast to be between 5 and 6%
  16. Budget 2012 allocates RM232.8bil for Government plans, including RM181.6bil for management and RM51.2bil for development
  17. RM29.8bil has been allocated for investment in infrastructure, industrial and rural development.
  18. RM13.6bil has been allocated for the social sector, including education and training, welfare, housing and community development.
  19. Total revenue for 2012 is forecast to increase 1.9% to RM186.9bil and the deficit to decrease to 4.7% of GDP from 5.4% in 2011.
  20. The theme for Budget 2012 is “National Transformation Policy: Welfare for the Rakyat, Well-Being of the Nation”
  21. We will focus on accelerating investment and further liberalise 17 services sub-sectors, in places enabling 100% foreign equity.
  22. RP2 will be implemented in 2012, and it will be allocated RM98.4bil, to be split evenly between 2012 & 2013
  23. RP2 main projects will include the East Coast Highway from Jabor to Terengganu and road upgrades from Kota Marudu to Ranau, Sarawak.
  24. RM18bil of the RM20bil PPP Facilitation Fund will be used for high impact projects, with RM2 billion for Bumiputra entrepreneurs
  25. In 2012, the Government will allocate RM978mil to accelerate the development in five regional corridors.
  26. The Treasury Management Centre will be established and offer incentives to develop M’sia as a competitive financial centre
  27. We will develop the Kuala Lumpur International Financial District, with incentives including income tax exemptions for firms
  28. Income tax exemptions for non-ringgit sukuk issuance and transactions will be extended for another 3 years.
  29. To promote the development of Exchange Traded Funds products I-VCAP will provide RM200mil for Shariah-compliant ETFs
  30. A RM2bil shariah-compliant SME Financing Fund managed by selected Islamic banks will be established in 2012
  31. A RM100mil SME Revitalisation Fund offering loans up to a maximum of RM1mil for entrepreneurs will be available from Jan 2012
  32. Full exemption of import duty.

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