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[TERKINI] Krisis Di Mesir: [LATEST] Egypt Crisis:Students Safely Home at Last


Hari ni, kita baca paper omputih plak, ok tak? Ala, aku pun bukannya terror sangat Bahasa Inggeris ni. Tak pa la, kita sama-sama improve (tingkatkan) penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris kita.

Aku pilih newpaper The Star. Lagipun, bahasanya mudah sikit difahami (menggunakan bahasa yang biasa-biasa jer kita guna. Bahasanya tak la bombastik).

Sebenarnya, Bahasa Inggeris ni jugak ada yang mudah difahami- biasa-biasa saja dan bahasa tinggi- yang sukar untuk difahami.

Lagi satu kenapa aku pilih Star sebab dari kecil lagi aku membesar dengan Star. Poyo jer sedangkan nak beli paper dalam setahun pun boleh bilang dengan jari. Kalau News Street Time (NST) tak suka baca sebab besar gelabak, bahasanya bombastik dan banyak cerita pasal politik.

The Star juga tergolong dalam domain yang kedua popular selepas 'google', bernilai berjuta-juta. Kalau tak percaya, check link kat bawah ni.
nilai Star

Ok la, jom baca berita dalam English. Kalau tak faham, buka kamus. Kalau tak de kamus, boleh translate je terus.

Cara nak translate
klik link ni translate. Kemudian, ikut arahan di bawah ini

1. Copy semua dan paste kat kotak yang tersedia.
2. Pilih nak tukar dari Bahasa Inggeris (English) ke Bahasa Melayu (Malay).
3. Then, klik translate. Ha, dah dapat keputusannya. Tapi, bahasanya tunggang langgang la. Haha~


Nightmare is over: Alexandria University fifth-year medical student Atif Samsudin, 23, and fellow Malaysian students reciting the ‘doa’ upon their arrival at KLIA from Doha Friday. — ROHAIZAT MD DARUS / The Star

SEPANG: Malaysian students returning home from Egypt are glad that their nightmare is over and are praying for the safe return of the others still there.

Al-Azhar University student Siti Nabilah Mohd Azaman, 19, who arrived at the KL International Airport (KLIA) yesterday, said their final days in Egypt were spent in fear for their safety.

She said gunshots and arguments around their houses were a daily occurrence.

“There was one day when four of us went out after the curfew was lifted. We were confronted by armed men who ordered us back indoors,” said the first-year dentistry student.

“There were many armed men walking around and we had no way of knowing who they were,” she told reporters upon her arrival at the KLIA.

She was among 70 people, mostly students, who arrived from Egypt between 1pm and 3pm.

Siti Nabilah said the parents of one of her housemates lived in Doha and they were able to get them tickets on board an Etihad Airways flight from Cairo to Doha and then to Kuala Lumpur.

Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra lecturer Muhammad Amiri Abdul Ghani, 36, said he sought refuge at a Malaysian restaurant when violence broke out in Egypt.

“My friend and I went out to buy some items when things got violent, leaving us worried for our lives.

“We found the restaurant and its owner let us spend the night there,” he said.
Nightmare is over: Alexandria University fifth-year medical student Atif Samsudin, 23, and fellow Malaysian students reciting the ‘doa’ upon their arrival at KLIA from Doha Friday. — ROHAIZAT MD DARUS / The Star

Al-Azhar University third-year medical student Farah Affah Mohd Ayub, 21, said she was disappointed with the Malaysian Embassy.

She said the embassy staff only helped provide food for the Malaysians stranded at the Cairo International Airport but did little to help them get tickets to fly out of Cairo.

Alexandria University fourth-year medical student Mohd Faiz Abas, 22, said Mara students were quickly moved to the Mara building in Cairo. Mara then flew them out in batches.

Businesswoman Shakeela Khanam, who was booked on EgyptAir that had its flights be cancelled several times, only got a flight after they held a small demonstration at the airport.

“We carried a banner with the words ‘Fly us home’ and only then did they (the airlines) began to arrange flights for us,” she added.

Evacuation of Malaysians from Egypt Proceeds Smoothly

THE evacuation of Malaysians from Egypt proceeded smoothly as mass protests against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak swelled to hundreds of thousands in what has been billed the “Day of Departure” in Cairo.

About 3,600 Malaysians, mostly students, have been flown to Jeddah since the mission to evacuate them began on Thursday.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who gave the thumbs-up to the rescue efforts, said he expected all 11,000 Malaysian students to be evacuated by Monday.

He said the Government was maximising all resources to get the job done, with planes jetting between Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The Malaysian evacuees are being housed in transit at the Tabung Haji complex in Jeddah.

The transportation and accommodation costs are being borne by the Malaysian Government.

Anifah said the Government would decide in a day or two on whether to fly the evacuated Malaysians home.

In Cairo, the army moved in to prevent clashes between rival groups, with security checks being conducted randomly.

Mubarak has said in an interview that he is “fed up” and wants “to go” after 62 years in public service, but fears the consequences of quitting immediately.

Malaysians to be out of Egypt by Monday


PETALING JAYA: Most Malaysians are expected to be evacuated from the strife-torn Egypt by Monday, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said.

He said the Government would maximise its resources to ensure no Malaysian is left stranded in Egypt.

“Their safety is paramount,” said Anifiah after visiting his Kimanis constituency
near Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

He said so far, some 3,600 Malaysians, comprising mostly students, had been flown out from Egypt to Jeddah since the evacuation mission began on Thursday.

Anifah said they were flown out from Cairo and Alexandria in 13 flights mounted by the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia.

“Those taken out of the Egypt will be placed at the Tabung Haji Complex in Jeddah with the transportation and accommodation costs being borne by the Malaysian government.”

Anifah also thanked the Saudi government for its speedy assistance in issuing the visas on arrival to the Malaysians.

The Prime Minister’s political secretary Datuk Shahlan Ismail said about 9,000 students were scheduled to arrive in Jeddah by midnight today.

“They are those who are staying in high risk areas where the demonstrations are taking place,” he said when contacted by mStar Online.

MAS meanwhile completed the inaugural rescue flight MH8010 to Jeddah on Thursday
and was the first carrier to bring Malaysians out of Cairo.

The Boeing 747 aircraft with 355 passengers, mostly female students as well as five infants aged between two weeks and two months and 12 journalists left Cairo at 2.06pm (Egypt local time) and arrived in Jeddah at 4.10pm (Saudi local time).

MAS Director of Operations Capt Mohamed Azharuddin Osman said the airlines was mounting two daily flights between Cairo and Jeddah after the government’s call to speed-up the evacuation exercise.

Egypt: Air Force Plans 9 Evacuation Flights a Day (Update)

*PM Najib’s excellent relations with foreign leaders paved the way for the smooth evacuation, says Putera 1Malaysia Club president.

*Amidst the fear, was the food shortage that caused prices to soar, say evacuated students in Jeddah.

CAIRO: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RAMF) plans to mount nine daily flights from Egypt to Jeddah using three C-130 military transport aircraft to evacuate Malaysian students in the crisis-torn country, the mission's chief Col Abdul Mutalib Wahab said.

He said the aircraft could carry up to 200 people in each flight, enabling the air force to evacuate up to 1,800 people a day.

The RMAF would carry evacuation flights at eight-hour intervals until the mission was completed, he said.

The air force started evacuation flights out of Cairo and Alexandria Friday after resolving numerous issues, including landing rights at the two airports.

The first flight took off from Jeddah at 3.55pm local time and landed back at 7pm.

Meanwhile, Putera 1Malaysia Club president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's excellent relations with foreign leaders paved the way for the smooth evacuation of Malaysian students from Egypt to Jeddah.

He added that the good relations played a vital role in securing the permissions
to enter the airspace of the countries concerned and in obtaining the landing rights in key airports where Malaysian aircraft were flying in an out to evacuate the Malaysians.

"I wish to congratulate the prime minister for having laid Malaysia's excellent relations with these countries.

"There are no problems obtaining the temporary visas for Malaysian students upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia," he told reporters here on Saturday.

Abdul Azeez said the evacuation process was a challenging task because it involved complex aviation regulations.

"Prior approvals must be obtained before aircraft are able to enter the airspace of the countries concerned. Landing rights are also required ... all these are complicated matters which cannot be done in a short period," he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Azeez said Putra 1Malaysia Club would remain in Egypt until all Malaysian students were safely evacuated to Jeddah.

He added the club would give its full commitment to ensure the successful completion of the evacuation process.

"Whatever happens, we will ensure the target of bringing out all the Malaysians is achieved," he said. In JEDDAH, evacuated students talked about the shortage of food and subsequent high prices.

Several Malaysian students who were evacuated from the troubled country told Bernama that the situation in Cairo was tense as they also had to bear with the
curfew period between 1pm and 8am.

"Because of the curfew, we had to use the few fours between 8am and 1pm to go the grocers to get food, like bread, and sugar, and because of the short supply, we have to scramble for the food supply with the Arab women," said Haslisah Khalil, a medical student at Ainshams University Saturday.

Another student, Khairuizzah Helmi, 20, said the shortage in food supply and drastic increase in food prices forced her to buy the food items in large quantity.

"I was afraid that if the situation were to worsen, we would not be able to get food supply," said the first year Usuluddin student at Al-Azhar University.

Her course mate, Mohd Amin Azmanshah, 20, said the price of chicken, which was normally sold for RM16 per kg, rose to RM27 per kg, while the price of sugar went up to RM4 per packet from RM3.50 normally.

Thousands of Egyptians have taken to streets in Cairo, Dumyat, Suez, Tanta, Alexandria and Mansoura demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak who has ruled the country for 30 years.


Aku compile kan semua berita sekali, senang sikit korang nak bacakan? Hihi~.

Ha, korang faham tak?

Patut pun ramai yang suka baca The Star, sebab berita dia menyeluruh. website berita yang lain tu, macam kedekut, bagi sikit jer berita, then suruh beli. Tapi The Star tak de pun berita sekerat-sekerat dan suruh beli. Bagus, kan?

Semoga rakyat kita dan semua Muslim selamat.. Kalau tak selamat pun, syahid di jalan-NYA. So, jangan la panik sangat. :-)

Jumpa lagi..

Take care ur self and our country! ;-)

Anything can happen, that why life is wonderful. Struggle to get what u aim but be sure don't hurt any one. No one you shouldn't hurt their feels!

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