Langkau ke kandungan utama

Jangan Mudah Hukum Orang, Tips Nak Dapat Lelaki yang Jujur

Anything can happen, that why life is wonderful. Struggle to get what u aim but be sure don't hurt any one. No one you shouldn't hurt their feels!


Hari ni aku tegur ayahandaku.

Mula rasa rindu kat ayahanda, tapi teringat pun dah tengah malam, kacau dia plak. Jadi tadi bila nampak jer,

khairul hisham is Available (13:28)

Aku pun ambik kesempatan la, nak bertanya khabar. Tak salah, kan?

Tapi, orang lain plak yang chat. Apa pun interesting jugak.

Me: salam 13:28
Dia:WSALAM 13:29

Me: apa khabar ayahanda? 13:29
Dia:khabar baik anandaku... 13:29
ada mana tu? 13:29

Me: ada kat kolej 13:29
Dia: erm... kolej mana ek? 13:30

Me: kolej kediaman MISC, UUM 13:30
Dia: ooooo 13:30
pergh... jauh tu... 13:30
nvm 13:30

Me: jauh? 13:30
Dia: of couse.. 13:30
UUM kan? 13:31

Me: ya 13:31
Dia: well thats far enough... 13:31
Me: far enough if we consider by geography... 13:32

Dia: well... im not who as u expected.... im just his friend from work... 13:32
im just using his computer... 13:32
Me: aiyo... 13:32

Dia: he is actually out for lunch... 13:32
Me: i think my ayahanda... 13:32
hihi 13:32

Dia: when he return... i'll inform right away... 13:33
Me: ok.. do ur work 13:33

Dia: but before that... we might get along ... 13:33
ooooo 13:33
ok... 13:33
Me: ok la 13:34
no hal 13:34

Dia: btw.... y u call him "ayahanda"... sound kinky.. 13:34
Me: bcoz he already have a kids 13:34
that y la i call ayahanda... 13:34
ikut hati, nak panggil pak cik jer 13:35

Dia: well.... 13:35
that better... 13:35
lol 13:35
Me: which one btter? 13:35

Dia: pak cik... 13:35
i called him sifu... 13:35
Me: sifu for what? 13:35

Dia: he is my master afterall.. 13:35
Me: i c 13:36
u not take lunch? 13:36

Dia: well... for all the civil engineering work jitsu he taugh me... 13:36
i dont have lunch... 13:36
Me: jitsu? 13:36

Dia: i just finish my class n go strait to this office... 13:36
all the working stuff = jitsu... try to keep up babe... 13:37
Me: all the working stuff is jitsu.. trying to remmber... 13:37

Dia: its a metaphor.... 13:37
aiya... 13:37
Me: add oil 13:38

Dia: erk??? 13:38
sum times... 13:38
seriusly... r u UUMer? 13:39
Me: add oil tu also metaphor 13:39
ya, i m uumer 13:40

Dia: what year? 13:40
Me: year? 13:40
how to tell u r.. 13:40
actually i already reg in this unvsty in mid 2005 13:41

Dia: ok 13:41
continue.. 13:41
Me: then grade in 2008 13:41
ok... 13:42

Dia: ok 13:42
there is 2 more year left for explaination... 13:42

Me: in mid 2009, i reg in this unvrsty again 13:42
Dia: ok.. master... continue... 13:43

Me: now in 2010, i m in third sem 13:43
year 2 13:43
Dia: wow... the last one.... i didnt get it... 13:44
r u taking phd or double deg? 13:44

Me: master 13:44
i do coursework, have a class 13:45
any question? hahaha 13:46

Dia: i gimme 5 min... 13:47
i got problem to handle... 13:47
Me: ok 13:47
do ur work 13:47
Dia: finish... 13:50

Me: ok 13:50
welcome back 13:50

Dia: actually i still confuse... 13:50
the fisrt 3 year is diploma i guess... 13:50
nope... then degree... 13:51
then the last year might be master... 13:52
and now master again... 13:52

Me: 2005-2008 degree 13:53
2009-2011 master 13:53
uum not familiar with diploma courses. keep it up, babe 13:53
u told me, u just go back from class, right? 13:54
what class? 13:54

Dia: because it is 3 years sro... that y i guessing diploma... 13:54
yup... 13:54
just finish... 13:55
next class at 4 13:55

Me: class? 13:55
Dia: yup.. 13:55

Me: r u student? 13:55
Dia: 50% student but full timer ... 13:55

Me: full time study or full time work? 13:56
Dia: huh... nice question.... 13:56
both of them... 13:56

Me: lier 13:56
Dia: n why do u think so? 13:56

Me: cannot both goes along.. 13:57
must 1 part time, 1 full time 13:57
Dia: well... i did it for the last 5 year... n still go in... 13:57
Me: ok 13:57

Dia: well luckily my bos here is awesome... 13:58
he allow me to work freely as long as the work done.. 13:58

Me: oic.. u r lucky 13:58
Dia: not really.... 13:58

Me: what's ur boss name? 13:58
lucky la, ada duit sendiri, boleh bljr lagi. 13:58
Dia: when the work goes wrong... im dead... 13:58

Me: itu, u kna pndai2 la... 13:59
anyway, what r u doing? 13:59
Dia: that y la... 13:59
i am trying to make fren with you if there is a chance.... 13:59
heh.. 13:59

Me: no prob 13:59
Dia: btw... ur "ayahanda" had return.... 14:00
u wanna saya hi? 14:00
u wanna say hi? 14:00

Me: no, thanx 14:00
Dia: well... 14:01

Me: well, well, well.... 14:01
Dia: that was totally not appropriate... 14:01

Me: what? 14:01
Dia: u know he is my master right... 14:01
Me: ya 14:01
so? 14:01

Dia: i cant say something like that to him... 14:01
Me: cant say what? 14:02

Dia: the word that coming out of my mouth must make him happy... 14:02
that u did want to say hi.. 14:02
Me: i dont get u.. 14:02
ok, just say hi la... 14:02
Dia: heheheh.... 14:02

Me: i dont mind bcoz i can SMS him 14:02
Dia: well that is between u guys... 14:03
what is your major? 14:03

Me: ops, not get wrong... 14:03
we r just friend 14:03
Dia: wrong? 14:03
yeah i know.... 14:04
what do u think i suspect???? scandal??? come on... im not that lame... 14:04

Me: ya... 14:04
u know right what kind of man is he 14:04
huhu 14:04
Dia: he is honest man n a gud master... 14:05
Me: ops... 14:05
Dia: n he is sleeping now... 14:05
hahaha 14:05
on our meeting room... 14:05

Me: membuta je... 14:05
Dia: not always... 14:05
it is because im using his table.... 14:06

Me: dah la, jgn mngumpat org, tak baik 14:06
Dia: im not the one who do that, lady.... 14:06
Me: i c.. 14:06

Dia: u still didnt answer me... 14:06
what is ur majoring... 14:06
Me: managerial communication 14:07
not engeenering 14:07

Dia: what r u dealing with? telephone??? 14:07
hahaha... 14:07
Me: im not operator telephone la 14:08
Dia: la.... that is not what i meaning.... 14:08
do u have anything to do with the telephone tech... or broadband up grade or sumthin... 14:09

Me: managerial communication = komunikasi kepengurusan. bab2 pengurus la.. 14:09
Dia: hahahaha... i tot managing.... 14:09
business huh.... 14:09

Me: ya 14:09
Dia: my gf majoring in business too... 14:10
but more on finance... 14:10

Me: im not major in biz... 14:10
but communication 14:10
Dia: ok... ok..... sorry... 14:10
how communication deal in managerial 14:10

Dia: so comunication... 14:10
Me: send my regard to ur gf 14:11

 Dia: sorry... i cant do that... i just done fighting about other women... so i dont think sending ur regard will make her better....

Dia: is it like phycologically think or technic? 14:12
Me:if i say both? 14:12

Dia: yeah... maybe... 14:12

Me: boya ke? 14:13
Dia: but no offence.... it is kindda important or sumething 14:13
well... she is not my wife yet... i free to do anything... 14:13
not even a fiance.. 14:13

Me:hahaha 14:14
that ur principle ek? 14:14
Dia: no... 14:14
that not a principle... that just the normal thing.... 14:14
Me: i c... 14:15
i tot that ur principle... 14:15

Dia: the problem or nowadays couple is... the r being too honest and too close to each other that left nothing interesting when the are married. 14:16
i keep the interesting part to the winner... 14:16
Me: no comment 14:16

Dia: n by the winner i mean my absolute wife/s 14:16
Me: i c 14:16
do u have any suggestion, how to find the good man? 14:18

Dia: im sorry lady.... there is no good man left in this world.... 14:18
if you really want one.... go to heaven.... or pray to God..... like very much.... 14:19
Me: frankly speaking la.. 14:19
Dia: the best u can get is a honest man... 14:19
continue... 14:19

Me: susah sgt nk dapat yg baik ni... llki la.. 14:20
Dia: ok 14:20
memang dah tak ade yang baik pon... 14:20
Me:klu prmpn ni ramai lg yg baik2... 14:20

Dia: yang tinggal lelaki jujur je... 14:20
tapi tak baik... 14:20
perempuan???? 14:21
wake up lady.... 14:21

Me: ya, prmpn yg baik2 utk llki kat luar sana 14:21
Dia: tak,,,, 14:22
dah takde lelaki baik n dah takde perempuan baik,.... 14:22
dah nak kiamat kot.... 14:22

Me: knapa u cakap tak de? 14:22
ada, tapi tak ramai... 14:23

Dia: well... mcm ni... 14:23
Me:teruskan... 14:23
Dia: kalau dia baik dengan umum... jahat dia personal... contohnya kuat mengumpat or suka pukul kucing or etc... 14:23

Me: really? 14:24
Dia: kalau dia baik dari segi personal... dia mungkin jahat dari segi silaturahim... suka berdendam dengan orang lain... dll.... 14:24
lelaki n perempuan .... sama je... we are included... no offence... 14:24

Me:ya 14:25
Dia: yang terbaik sekarang nih boleh dapat cuma yang jujur or rajin... 14:25
tu baru sesama manusia... antara kita ngan Tuhan lagi.... ntah la... 14:25

Me:sb tu kita kena sentiasa memperbaiki diri.. 14:25
Dia: hahahahahaha.... 14:26
tu betul... tapi we dont have right to tell that we are good person... im i right... the problems are.... people gets too hard to face the reality... 14:26

Me: i get u 14:27
Dia: tq... 14:27
anyway... if u want a honest guy... i can give u a few tips... 14:28

Me: finally, i understand what ur mean. 14:28
my pleasure... 14:28

Dia: well honest guy like to say stupid and bad word... 14:29
Me: that i know.. i can trace 14:30

Dia: it is not because of the attitude... it is because its better to be straight than transparent... 14:30
second... they dont usually have many friend.... 14:30

Me: y he not many friend? 14:31
Dia: because people dont really like surrounding by honest people... because there is too many secret... 14:32
or a lie... 14:32
they have friend.. but few want to go out with them or best friend ... 14:33

third... they love to watch movies alone.... kindda appreciate the value of the movie... understanding the movie is better than hang out with friend... 14:36

finally... they love their family.. 14:37

Me: maksudnya, pendiam la ni? 14:37
Dia: tak semestinya pendiam... 14:37

Kemudian, terputus. Bersambung semula
Session 2

Me: iii 15:22
Dia: hello... im still shin 15:23
khairul are using other computer... 15:23

Me:i c 15:24
elo, give ur real name la 15:24
elo? 15:25

Dia: percious = percy 15:25
fasallious = ?? 15:25
Me: ???????? 15:26

Dia: haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 15:26
faisal 15:26

Me:apa? 15:26
ni nama btul ke samaran jer? 15:26
Dia: look at u... i think u didnt like honest people... 15:27
hahahhaha 15:27

Me: i like honset people 15:27
Dia: i told u my awesome name n my real name,... but u still regret... 15:27
inconvince.... 15:27

Me: nama faisal mmg dah agak 15:28
Dia: barnabus name after my favourite character... 15:28
fasallious named after my ori name.. 15:29
shinsfire named after my called name ... shin.... + fire makes it sound awesome 15:29
dah agak? 15:29
???? 15:29

Me: ye la dah agak dari fasallious 15:29
msti nama faisal ni 15:30
Dia: ic... 15:30

Me:u tak de kerja ke, dude? 15:31
Dia: dude... 15:31
heh... nice try,,, 15:31
well i got work n i got class in 30 minute... 15:31
today i came to office just to take report and picture for claim... 15:31

Me: bukan duda la, dude bahasa org putih 15:31
Dia: n i still waiting for it... 15:32
tau la makcik oiiiiiii 15:32

Me:tau xpa 15:32

Dia: well. u really got a damn slow broadband.... 15:34

Me: not la 15:35
Dia: why dont u rent the thailand broadband... 15:35
i guess it must be faster than ur current bband... 15:35
Me: haha, what r funny 15:35
slow? 15:35
really? 15:35

Dia: yup... 15:35
Me: i dont think so... 15:35
Dia: im waiting like a year here for u to reply... 15:36

Me:not bcoz broadband but, i not 15:36
i tak taip 15:36
sb tu la u rasa slow 15:37
haha 15:37
furthermore, i guna wireless ni... 15:37
Dia: ic 15:37
n y u didnt type? 15:37

Me:tp, kelajuannya lembab sikit, asyik kelip2 jer 15:37
Dia: kelip? 15:38

Me: i tak taip sb tak tau nk cakp pe 15:38
Dia: ooo 15:38
ur lap top,,... 15:38
ok... see... i got to go to clas... 15:38

Me: ok 15:38
salam 15:38

Dia: but its kindda nice to chat with u,.... 15:38
see ya.. 15:39
Me: cnnt promise... 15:39

Session 3
Monday, 20 September, 2010

Dia: pergh.... 24 hour online ke? 18:22
Me: on9 free la pak cik... 18:22
hihi 18:22
tak de la 24/7... 18:23
hri2 tertntu je yang tak de kerja nak buat... 18:23
hehe 18:23

Dia:since when i became pakcik? 18:23
Me: umo u 27 already 18:26

Dia:yup... 18:26
same as u r am i right? 18:27

Me: so, boleh la panggil pak cik 18:27
no la i muda belia lagi 18:27

Dia: really... 18:27
Me: yup 18:27

Dia: then how old are u? 18:27
Me: guess 18:29

Dia: 30       18:30
lol   18:30
Me: minus 5    18:30
how ur class 18:32

Dia: i didnt attend.... 18:32
got another important thing to attend... 18:33

Me: where u go? 18:33
Dia: my works killing me... 18:33

Me: padan muka 18:33
hahah 18:33
Dia: but its ok.... still alive... 18:33

Me: dah makan? 18:34
Dia: blum... 18:34
tapi kalau nak makan pun tak tau nak makan ape,,,, 18:34
any idea... 18:36

Me: u suka makanan berasaskan apa? 18:37
nak makan kat kedai ke masak? 18:37
elo? 18:38
u puasa ek? 18:38

Dia: no la... 18:40
puasa ramadhan pun tak full nih kan puasa 6... 18:40
im actually blur about what to eat... 18:40

Me: la, knpa tak puasa? 18:41
Dia: i live here in rent house... 18:41
i alway eat outside... 18:41

Me: makan je la pe yang ada 18:41
Dia: n now i found that it is hard for me to choose what to eat... 18:41

Me: memilih sgt kot... 18:41
Dia: tak... sume dah bosan makan... 18:41

Me: makan yang halal la 18:41
i suka laksa penang 18:42

if only i was there.... 18:42
but here the laksa wasnt that good. 18:42
i live at penang for 3 years.... 18:43
so i know it is very good compare what i got here... 18:43

Me: oic.. trlupa lak, yg u duk kat sana 18:43
mknan kg u mkn tak? 18:43

Dia: contoh? 18:44
Me: ulam2, sambal belacan.. 18:44
Dia: sambal belacan???? 18:45
hell yeah!!!! 18:45

Me: cuba u ambik nasi putih, ikan keli bakar, ulam2 n sambal belacan 18:45
Dia: ulam kadang2... 18:45
tapi mana ada makanan mcm tu untuk makan malam.... 18:45

Me: kenal tak sambal belacan tu apa... 18:45
eh, tak de mcm tu? 18:45
aiyoo... bumi mana la yg u duduk tu? 18:45

Dia: klang valley.... 18:46
Me: u kena cari tukang masak la ni... 18:46

Dia: well... once my ex gf live with me... so she cooked... 18:47
but now i have to eat alone... 18:47

Me: kahwin la 18:50
Dia: sekarang nih kawin dah bukan semudah zaman nabi.... 18:51

Me:pe sal plak? 18:51
Dia: jumpe bapak... bawak mas kawin yang termampu.... akad... setel... 18:51
sekarang nih nak kene pikir pasal majlis... pasal tunang... pasal itu ini... 18:51
zaman sekarang ih dah susah nak cari bende mudah..... 18:52
kalau kawin tu mudah.... rezki pun bertambah .... negara maju... tapi dorang nak kayakan diri sendiri je... 18:52
tu masalah nya... 18:52

Me: tapi, nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih 18:53
Dia: well... lady... if i want to marry u now.... 18:54
is there is a problem? 18:54

Me: tak faham 18:55
Dia: ok... 18:56

Dia: let say i known u for 6 month... 18:57
n we are soooooo deeply in love... 18:57
u know all about me n i know all about u.... 18:57
we understand eachother very well.... 18:57

then i go to ur father and ask for marriage.... 18:57
what do u think will happen? 18:57

Me: what happen> 18:58

Dia: what do u think ur father will ask first.... 18:59
before that..... u still have parent do u? 18:59

Me: yes, still have 19:01
kerja apa? itu soalan pertama 19:01

Dia: ok... 19:01
see.... 19:02
that what they all care.... 19:02
Me: but i m lucky becoz my parent tak mata duitan 19:02

Dia: they care weather the boy can afford to give food to their children.... 19:02
Me: jnji ada kerja yg blh tggung cukup la 19:03
msti la. 19:03

Dia: they mis the fact that rezki came from Allah wheather they want it or not... 19:03
that y sexual and social problem among teenage are so serious... 19:03
Me: same like u la 19:03

Dia: they dont look at this problem from islam point of view.. 19:04
they looked from jew point of view.. 19:04
i got my own problem.... 19:04
but when its come to society... i never relate my personal life to account... 19:04
i prefer islamic way to solve problem... 19:05
every person in this world have their own sin... 19:05

mine are many... but i wish one day i could understand the true islam n stop all the sin i commit now... 19:06

Me: kubur lain2 ek 19:06
Dia: not like that... 19:06
even we have a different grave... we still need other people to put ourself into that 7feets deep hole.... 19:06
maksud aku... 19:06
aku memang teruk... tapi aku bila bagi pendapat aku tak pernah anggap ape aku buat betul.... 19:07
aku still follow regulation.. 19:07
islamic regulation... 19:07

n kalau satu hari nanti aku dapat paham maksud islam sebenar.... aku harap aku dapat tinggalkan dosa2 yang aku buat sekarang nih.... 19:08
aku masih sesat n tertanya2 tentang islam yang asli n still under studying... 19:08
about the real islam... 19:08
islam sekarang nih dah terlalu pack dengan penipuan n bidaah.... 19:09

Me: good luck 19:11
i tak kata u teruk 19:12
sebab sebelum nak kata kat org lain,, 19:12
kita kena igt pesan ulama 19:12

Dia: well u dont have too.... i admitted myself bad... no offence taken... 19:12

Me: klu nmpk budk, igt budk lbh baik sb dia tak de bnyk dosa brbnding kita 19:13
klu nmpk org tua, igt org tua lbh baik sb dia dh byk buat amal ibadah brbnding kita 19:13
klu nmpk org jahat, igt org jahat lbh baik sb dia tak tau apa yg dia buat tu salah brbnding kita 19:14
satu lgi... tak ingt la.. 19:14

i did better than that... 19:15
i never talk anything bad about others... 19:15
i never disturb orphan... 19:15

i never think a bad think about other... 19:15
i never lied to my parent... 19:16

Me: i bukan cakap pasal u. u kata i la... i bukan nk kata u teruk 19:16
Dia: but i still do bad thing.... 19:16
lor... 19:16
mak cik diana... 19:16
please... 19:16

Me: berubah la 19:16
Dia: jangan risau pasal perasaan saya... 19:16

Me: tak faham la. apa motif u 19:16
diena la 19:17

Dia: cite je... 19:17
ooo 19:17
Me: oo 19:17

Dia: mak cik diena... 19:17
jangan risau pasal perasaan aku... 19:17
Me: pala hotak ang 19:17

Dia: aku ok je.. 19:17
Me: pggil granny jer 19:17
xpayh nk pggil mak cik 19:18

Dia: hidup aku berdepan dengan orang yang lebih keji n kolot dari sape2 orang yang ko pernah kenal... 19:18

hahahhhaha 19:18

Me: so? 19:18
Dia: ok... 19:18
nek diena... 19:18

Me: do i care? 19:18
Dia: so ko tak perlu risau kalau2 ape2 yang ko cakap takut mengguris hati aku ke ape... aku kenal diri aku... n kalau ape ko kat tu betul... aku tak salah kan ko .... sebab aku anggap tu nasihat.... 19:19

so talk freely n please stop apolagizing... 19:19

its not good for conversation.... 19:19

hehhehe 19:19

Me: tak suka la pnggil org mak cik 19:20
mcm la dia tu muda sgt! 19:20

Dia: hahahaha.... 19:22
its just a word u and me can propably know that is a jokes to makes friendship better... but if u insist... ok... i`ll stop said so... 19:22
btw... are u period? 19:24

Me: jom solat 19:25
Dia: hahhaha... 19:26
i just want to ask u about maghrib.... 19:26
but since u answer that early... 19:26
go on... 19:26
i've done it... 19:26

Me: aik, dah sembayg waktu jepun ka? 19:27
bru ja msuk wktu... 19:27

Dia: well here at klang valley... magrib at 7.04 o'clock darling.... 19:27
so ... u late about 20minutes.... 19:27

Me: lgpun dr pukul 8.22 -7.27 u still here 19:27
tak la baru sgt 19:28
dlm 7.10 19:28

Dia: please... 19:29
Me: nk tipu pn agak2 la... hahaha 19:29
kantoi 19:29

Dia: perform ur pray first.... i dont want to be responds for your late praying... 19:29
Me: ok... 19:29
c u soon 19:29

Dia: i dont need ur approval for that matter... 19:29
only God know... 19:30
that enough for me.. 19:30

Me: smbyg niat je ek? 19:30
cepat bebenor kata org perak 19:30

Dia: see.... 19:30

Me: ok 19:30
ok 19:30
Dia: hehehehe 19:30
Me: want to go la 19:30

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Harga pasaran untuk 6 botol RM 28.90 dan untuk 12 botol RM 57.90. Berat satu botol 42 gram. Harga boleh dapat murah, ikut pasaraya. Pandai-pandailah korang pilih. Sha tengok kat Aeon (Jaya Jusco nama lamanya) pada 13 Jun 2014, harga seperti di atas. Tapi Sha tengok kat Big Aeon harganya lebih murah. Pek kecil (6 botol) hanyalah RM26.90 manakala yang besar RM54.90. Murahlah berbanding harga asal.
Perubahan magik yang Innershine Prun dan Camu-camu lakukan kepada diriku:

Hari pertama, minum malam sebelum tidur, tak dapat tidur dan esok paginya, perut membuang, detox kan? Hehe.
Lusanya, minum awal sikit dalam pukul 9 malam. Tidur, ok saja. Perut ok, tak ada…

Pantang Larang dan Makanan Orang Demam Campak

Nak jaga pemakanan orang demam campak?
Ok, aku ada petua dan tipsnya. Segala yang tertulis di sini adalah keluar dari kepalaku, dan pengalamanku menjaga makanan orang demam campak. Ku abadikan di sini.

Tidak boleh menggoreng
Demam campak ni kita tak boleh nak goreng apa-apa makanan terutamanya guna minyak. Contohnya goreng ikan.

Menumis pun tak boleh tau.

Sebab apa tak boleh? Sebab ia akan merangsang pertumbuhan campak dan buat ianya kemerah-merahan.

Elakkan makanan laut yang gatal
Makanan laut, seperti udang, sotong, kerang elok la dikuarantinkan.. Haha~ Bukan kuarantin la tapi jangan makan makanan tu, k.

Elakkan yang pedas
Cili pun tak boleh makan sebab mengundang kegatalan.

Elakkan yang hitam-hitam seperti gaban perkasa hitam

Kicap dan kopi harus la dijauhi serta merta sebab ia akan menyebabkan berparut hitam. Kalau koko atau milo? Kalau capucinno? Erm, ikut suka korang la.

Aha, aku ada idea, kalau nak putih maka minumlah air soya. Confirm menjadi. Tapi kalau tak jadi, jangan…

Tips Pakaian Untuk Konvo

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